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Tesco Direct is one of the most recognized brands within the uk having recently started selling products through there catalog service. We have become huge fans of Tesco direct and have hence started this tesco direct fan page! We love Tesco Direct and I'm sure you guys will too. It's an excellent complement to Tescos Grocery, plus you also get clubcard points as well! Tesco direct is now growing, and we've seen a lot of there advertising on tv and even got the catalog ourselves now, I've used Tesco direct, and its fantastic, so you guys should give them a try too, amazingly cheap recliner sofa for sub, £300. I actually can't find anywhere cheaper! Loving Tesco Direct! Tesco operates in 14 countries with 5,380 stores employing nearly 500,000 people, serving millions of consumers every week, making it one of the world's largest retailers. The company first started trading in the 1920s. Initially with food items and now expanded into a number of different sectors. Tescos current share price closed at 364.10p as of 13/09/2011. We at tesco-direct.net strive to offer our reviews and criticism or praise of tesco through this medium. Offering reviews of their products and services as we use them throughout the UK.

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